How to get the source code from CVS on SourceForge

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This page describes how to get the source code from CVS on SourceForge.


In Windows, the easiest way to get the source is by using a CVS client such as TortoiseCVS, which can be downloaded from

After installing TortoiseCVS, open Windows Explorer and choose the File menu entry or click on the right mouse button. You will then see two new menu entries: CVS Checkout... and CVS. Choose CVS Checkout... and enter as follows:

  • Protocol: Password server
  • Server:
  • Repository folder: /cvsroot/gretl
  • User name: anonymous

Then, just click on Fetch list..., choose gretl and click OK to get the source code.

Resolve conflicts

If you have changed the source code on your computer and another user has changed the source code on SourceForge, making a CVS update will sometimes result in a conflict. To resolve this conflict, you have to install a merge application, such as the freely available WinMerge. After WinMerge is installed, open Explorer, click on File > CVS > Preferences..., choose the Tools tab and check that WinMerge is selected on Merge application.

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