How to compile gretl on Windows

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1. Install MinGW:, go to their download area, and get the current installer. Default path is C:/mingw (try to use the same)

2. Install msys: Default path C:/msys

3. Install GTK+: Extract it into C:/mingw

4. Install auxiliary files: . Follow the instruction given in web directory “Note”. Also install Rinclude.tar.gz and extract it into C:/mingw (its not mentioned in Note file)

5. Install GnuWin32: (I installed into C:/GnuWin32)

6. Install Inno setup program:

7. Get current gretl source:

In “win32” subdirectory of gretl source edit to specify BUILDTYPE=native and line 21 to WIN32_MSGFMT = C:/GnuWin32/bin/msgfmt.exe (in my case this is the path)

Now open msys go into gretl/win32 and type make to build gretl for win32/64 and make dist to build installer executable for gretl.

Also can find these instructions in gretl:/win32/README & README.Native

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